DOB: 11/26/91 / Age Range: 17-29 REPRESENTED BY:
Height: 6`4         Elite Talent Agency
Weight: 240
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Email: Info@RonRafael.Com

Hanoar Hatzioni Haver VT4
The Lovers & Friends Show Bartender         the LNF Show
Crack head Jesus         Hooded Man Modern Art Music Movement
Crack head Jesus the Movie Lawyer Modern Art Music Movement
College Rule         Extra Miami Models
International Lovers         Pilot         Miami Vice
Nisha         Vladimir Gary Productions
Zombie Land         Antonio Brian Castings
Santa vs. Zombies         Russian Mafia Gary Productions
Chocolate Star Entertainment Mobster Gary Productions
Romantic City         Boyfriend         RankyTV
Love Divided By Money Husband         Beverly Productions
The Fighter         Mike         Boxing Film
After the Ring                                   Mafia Boss               Omer Productions 
Don Matteo                                       Vlad                        Gary Productions
Portfel The Briefcase                        Boss                        Gary Productions 

Is She Really Going Out with Him? Boyfriend/Main      MTV
Halloween                 Newsman       Neustria Tele
Dwayne Wade`s Buzzer         Buddy       Sun Sports
3 On 3 Basketball Competition         Center       VT4
Park Live                         Athletic       VT4
Weather                 Client       Channel 7
Alguien Te Mira         Rodrigo       Telemundo
The Detective Story                 Vinny       MG Productions
Rock of Ages                 Comedian               Warner Bros
Burn Notice                 Bathing Suit Guy   USA Network
What Teenagers Wants To Do                 Jock       MTV
MTV Cribs                 Ron Rafael       MTV
Hosting Miami Heat                 Self       Hoop Star 
Nuestra Belleza Latina                             Guest                     Univision Studios

Green Bay Packers
Hollywood Hotels Resorts 

Life Changers  1080  AM
The Answer  1080  AM
Miami Rescue Mission      100.3 FM
Miami’s Celebrity’s   610   AM

La Conference De Livre1 Motorrijder Tachkemoni Atheneum
La Conference De Livre2 Doctor Tachkemoni Atheneum
Coffers Op Reis             Fighter Bourla Theater
Zoo                  Elephant         Calibri School
Bat Mitzvah Party Bodyguard/Robber Romi Goldmuntz Centrum
The Stand-Up comedy show Student King Solomon Hotel

Fashion Model         OneSource
Abercrombie & Fitch Miami Beach
Fashion Show         Newport Beachside Hotel
Israel Magazines Evgeny Studio
Netanya Magazine         Mish Studio
Photographic education Jones Garyd
Photographic education Chick Don
Photographic education Lewis Ken
Photographic education Darr Brian
Photographic education Bennerson Denise
Ad Miami                 After Dark Education
Photo-shoot         YouuModel
Toes                 Mark
Kickboxing         Gigi & Johnny
Levis         RankyTV
Armani         Macys
One Love                 Hollywood Studio’s
Ranky Studios         Ranky Studios
Ralph Lauren         Ranky Studios
SnoBar         Push

Ale Katan Shelli Romi Goldmuntz Centrum
Shabbat Songs         Tachkemoni Atheneum
After The Storm Ron Rafael Shimshilashvili
Reaching Our Dreams Ron Rafael Shimshilashvili
This is your song Ron Rafael Shimshilashvili


Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School North Miami Beach
Tachkemoni Atheneum         Antwerp, Belgium
Hanoar Hatzioni           Antwerp, Belgium
Ranky Studios                 Miami, Florida

Flair Modeling             Runway Techniques C.A Product
Got What It Takes Academy     Camera Techniques   Fort. Laud
Ad Miami                     All techniques After Dark Education
Fashion Show             Everything           Ranky Studios

Pop              Life Culture Ministries
Rock              Mario Forte Ministries
Blues      Romi Goldmuntz Centrum
Shabbat Songs              Tachkemoni Athenaeum
Hip Hop & Rap              Hanoar Hatzioni
After The Storm            Angel Studio’s
Ranky Studios      Ranky Studios

Athletics: Basketball, Rugby, Football, Wrestling, Fitness/GYM, Water Polo, Swimming, Golf, Track & Field, Bowling, Rollerblading, Martial Arts, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Bicycle, Baseball.

Languages Speaking: Hebrew (fluent), Dutch (fluent), English (fluent), French (fluent), Georgian (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Russian (Not fluent).

Accents: Hebrew, English, French, Dutch, Georgian, Russian, Spanish, German, Oriental, Natural cockney accent, Can also fake many different accents if asked to.

Celebrity looks alike: Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone – Rocky, Steven Seagal.